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Are you a Winning Couple?

Answer these questions to be part of a new Tango Survey to see if you have a winning relationship.

How long have you been dating *

a) Less than 2 years b) 2 to 5 years c) over 5 years but less than 10 years d) 10 years or more

Communication #1: *

YOU Just announced Big News to your partner that will most definitely impact the relationship and he/she responds with the usual: a) WOW! That’s wonderful, you must be so happy, do you want to talk more about it? b) Huh? (Probably thinking to him/herself, how is this going to effect me?) c) Very little response, and you have to probe him/her to get a response. d) “That’s interesting”, and three days later he or she is ready to respond.

Communication #2: *

YOU have to talk about a sensitive issue with your partner, knowing this makes you hesitate. So you: a). Just come right out and say it. b). decide when the best time is to talk about it, depending on mood, stress or other barriers that might cause a more negative reaction. c).Call attention to the fact that you have something sensitive and possibly unpleasant to talk about, but for the sake of the relationship it must be addressed.

Communication #3: *

Do you accept the verbal and non-verbal communication in your relationship because it is: a).Clearly understood with rare misunderstanding nor mixed messages. b).I have to accept it, I don’t like it, makes me frustrated but I know it will never change. c.)I know if I say it in the way he/she hears me, I will be understood.

Money: *

If you, not your partner, were gifted $5,000.00 today, what would you do with it? a) Spend until it was all gone. b) Save a portion and spend a portion? c) Use at as a tool for practical purposes.

Support #1: *

Is there an influential person in your life besides your partner? If yes, what degree of influence would they have on your relationship? a) Very much – Do whatever they say, even if it is against my partner’s advice. b) I'd consider their advice, but ultimately make my own decision. c) Never ask for advice.

Support #2: *

Do you believe when you marry your partner, you also marry his/her family? a) Absolutely b) Maintain boundaries but know they are a large part of our lives. c) Not at all, never thought that way.

Support #3: *

Do you genuinely enjoy your partner's friends? a) Yes, and have become friends with them. b) No, I question my partner’s choice in his/her close friendships c) There are no friends to speak of.

Sex #1: *

How important is sex/intimacy in a committed relationship? a) Intimacy is how I want to stay connected and it will always be the way. b) It’s not that important, I enjoy other ways we connect just as much. c) I’m expecting it will eventually be at the bottom of the list, that’s life.

Sex #2: *

If your sex life with your partner was obviously uneventful or had become few and noticeably nil would you? a) Initiate it with romance, try to get her/him in the mood. b) Bring up the subject in a direct way and insist you both talk about it. c) Not say anything ever and hope it would improve eventually, maybe it’s a temporary dry spell. d) Never say anything and just give up, and sulk.
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