Divorce Mediation

As Certified Divorce Mediators, Dana and Don provide an unbiased and safe environment to help you come to a mutually agreeable divorce and separation settlement.   We help you understand all the issues related to divorce and facilitate solutions that work for both spouse and the family.  It is through our efforts and yours that we can help you come up with creative solutions that works for everyone.


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DIVORCE MEDIATION is a process of dissolving a marriage in a non-adversarial way.  Mediation provides both parties the ability to negotiate a settlement they agree on.  Mediation as opposed to litigation means you will be negotiating for what you feel works for you, your spouse and your children.  You are free to consult with a lawyer at any time during the divorce mediation process and some mediation sessions may include a lawyer representing each party, but remember lawyers have learned to try to litigate and fight until they get the best deal possible for their clients instead of working towards an amicable resolution that works for all parties.
During our divorce mediation process a family counselor is present, however the problems of the past are not discussed, but rather addressing the present and restructuring the future is most productive. We do advise if the past problems hinder negotiations then a separate counseling session may be necessary to allow the negotiations to continue in a productive fashion. It’s important to remember that this process calls for mutual respect for all involved.  If you are more interested in winning and you want to fight your spouse, then mediation would not be right for you.  Litigation means all sides lose, mediation means all sides win, including the children.

Too often divorce through litigation is seen as a lose/lose outcome.  Compromise is difficult because each of the attorneys are looking for the best possible outcome for their client neither ever achieves because the judges push for settlement in every area. Divorce Mediation is designed to eliminate the lose/lose concept.  Since the process is mutual, you can’t win at the other’s expense.  Neither can you lose.  Our goal is to come to a settlement that is both acceptable and fair to both parties.  See below comparison between a traditional litigated divorce and a mediated divorce.Get our Free eBook on Divorce Options


Divorce Litigated


Divorce Mediated


  • Lengthy process
  • Expensive
  • Battling Lawyers in Courts
  • Judge has final say
  • Stressful experience
  • Lose/Lose
  • Lawyers represent each client
  • Increases conflict between you and your spouse causing decreased communication
  • Any problem solving is one-sided or just with attorneys
  • Courtroom is public
  • Shortened process
  • Less expensive
  • You never go to court
  • Clients have final say
  • Less stressful
  • Win/Win
  • Mediators represent the family
  • Increased Communications during sessions and outside of sessions
  • All discussions are private
  • Problem solving with everyone


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